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Strategy Development

Developing Successful Business Strategies

Successful Alignment

Aligning Business Strategies with Operational Capability

Improved Operations

Communication across the Organisation

Our Services

Struggles Businesses Face

  • Product Quality
  • Costs
  • Capital Investment
  • Human Investment
  • Employee Training
  • System Changes & Upgrades
  • Automation Processes

Our Services Include

  • Developing Overall Business Strategies
  • Aligning Business Strategies with Operational Capability
  • Communication across the Organisation
  • Aligning Employees Objectives & key Deliverables to ensure Success of the Strategies Implemented.  
  • Identifying Operational Bottlenecks
  • Developing Actionable Plans to release Bottlenecks
  • Modelling Capacity, Efficiency & Manpower requirements to optimise the Deliverables in a Safe & Compliant Environment

Our Mission

In all of the above evaluations, it is imperative that the “gaps” in the system, preventing the organisation from delivering on its potential, are identified, actions agreed, prioritised, documented and executed within a timely manner to correct the “gap” and drive the organisation forward.

How it Works

In providing the service, our team would be working closely with Management Teams and emplyees throughout the organisation to evaluate current visions and Strategies as well as facilitating development of changes required to those plans. 

We would be working with the organisation in aligning the finalised plans throughout the organisation while setting up measurement processes to continually evaluate the progress towards achieving our agreed objectives. 

We are driven by values

The detailed steps we are going to take.

Obtaining how we are going to measure your success.

Finding the ultimate end goal for your company.

About Us

SPH Strategic Services (Pty) Ltd

After serving a considerable career lifetime in the Manufacturing, Operations , Supply Chain and General Management of both local and Global Multinational Organisations in the Automotive, FMCG & Printing Industries, I feel I am perfectly placed to provide businesses with insight into their current operations.

In the current business environment, organisations have to be willing to continually evaluate their current situation and the changing operating environment to ensure that the business as well as the operational strategies are synchronised, thus ensuring success and sustainability to all stakeholders in the future.

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